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Challenges with Mi grano de arena

Have you ever imagined organising a sporting event, a celebration, a personal challenge… and, at the same time, collaborating in the fight against leukaemia?

Mi grano de arena makes it easy for you! All you have to do is create a challenge on the website and start your fundraising campaign in favour of the Josep Carreras Foundation. With your drive, enthusiasm and willingness to help, you will surely make the campaign a great success!

Mi grano de arena is a social micro-financing platform that allows you to collaborate with us in an original and innovative way by creating and leading a charity challenge with the aim of raising funds through micro-donations. Just share your fundraising campaign with your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances and start adding contributions to your fundraising efforts.

How do I create my charity challenge?

Register at

Create your challenge and choose the Josep Carreras Foundation as the beneficiary organisation.

Describe your charity challenge! Tell your story, add photos and videos, set a fundraising goal and a deadline.

Share your challenge! Encourage all your friends and family to help towards achieving your charity challenge.

Don’t know how to create a challenge on

We’ll give you some ideas for your charity challenge!

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  • Charity event
  • Company event
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