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You too can choose how you want to be remembered

Including the Josep Carreras Foundation in a charitable will is to become part of a future without leukaemia.

Your energy, your enthusiasm and your will to fight leukaemia while you are alive can continue after your death through legacies and bequests. We would all like to leave our loved ones a world free from injustice, pain and disease A world in which no life was cut short by leukaemia. A world where bone marrow donation was not the exception, but the rule.

Any collaboration with the Josep Carreras Foundation helps our purpose of coming closer to finding a cure for leukaemia.

Why is it important to make a will?

Making a will is always advisable in order to clearly state one’s last will and testament and to facilitate the formalities for the family. It is not a question of age. It is an act of responsibility which saves your loved ones from future expenses and concerns. It is a favour to one’s descendants and to oneself. Moreover, it can be changed at any time without providing any explanation. Making a will is therefore a way of reflecting on what we have and who will make the best use of it. If there are no heirs and no will, one’s assets are passed on to the State.

What is a charitable will?

It is to include one or more NGOs in your will, either by leaving a part of your estate, or a specific asset (bequest), of whatever value and without in any case causing prejudice to your legitimate heirs.

What can we achieve with your charitable inheritance or bequest?

How to include the Josep Carreras Foundation in your will?

There are different ways of including the Foundation in your will, depending on the circumstances:

If you wish to leave a bequest

You can bequeath a specific asset that you think can help us move towards our goal: “I bequeath to the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation the sum of XXXX euros to be used for the fulfilment of its objectives.”

If you want to leave your assets to more than one person or institution

You can name the Josep Carreras Foundation as co-heir, stating in the will the percentage you wish to assign.

If you have no heirs

You can name the Josep Carreras Foundation as your universal heir: “I declare the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation to be the universal heir of all my assets so that they may be used for the fulfilment of its objectives.”

You only have to state this in your will:

The Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation

Registered office in Barcelona, c/ Muntaner 383, 2o – 08021 Barcelona (Spain). CIF G 58734070.

Registered in the Register of Private Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya under number 424.
Classified by order of the Conseller de Justícia of 10 April 1989.

Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation is part of

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If you have any queries or would like further information, complete the following form and download the pack with information about legacies and charitable bequests to help fight leukaemia.

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