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Umbilical cord blood donation

Umbilical cord blood is an alternative source of transplantation that has been widely used but is currently more residual. Its main limitation is that it has less cellularity than peripheral blood or bone marrow collected for an adult. There are, however, different lines of research for its use as a cell therapy and in the future it will probably have other alternative indications.

Not all maternity wards are presently prepared for the collection of umbilical cord blood units because it is a process that requires expertise and the necessary technical facilities.

That is why, in order to make effective the donation of umbilical cord blood it is essential that the hospital where you will give birth, be attached to the collection programme of a public bank.

We share the Positioning report of the National Transplant Organization (ONT) on the donation of umbilical cord blood for autologous use (February 2024).

Read the Guide on umbilical cord blood donation.


Acute myeloid leukemia.

“When I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with a myelodysplastic syndrome that resulted in acute leukemia. My only chance to be cured was a stem cell transplant from a donor. Thanks to a donation of a cord blood unit donated by a mother like me, today I am completely cured”.

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