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Fundraising initiatives

Do you have any new ideas for supporting the fight against leukaemia?

We can think of a few, but we are always happy to hear new proposals!

Here you will find different ways to collaborate (in spanish), but if you have an idea of your own and want to pass it on to us, you can contact the Fundraising initiatives team by sending an e-mail to


A race, a concert, an initiative at school or in your company... Are you thinking of creating a charity event and raising funds for the fight against leukaemia? Don’t think twice, we can give you some advice on how you can create your fundraising initiative.


A wedding, a birthday, a christening, a communion, a farewell... any special moment is a unique opportunity to raise funds to fight against leukaemia!


Create your fundraising challenge at Migranodearena and support us through small donations! Add hope for leukaemia research.

Fundraising initiatives to cure leukaemia!

Get inspired! Read the testimony of the Unstoppable people who have already contributed to the definitive cure for leukaemia.

Charitable wedding

“We knew we wanted the fight against leukaemia to be present on such an important day for us, and it was great to have you on board! Our guests were thrilled with their charitable favours.”

Bego and Alex

Unstoppable School

“It was a very enriching and gratifying experience for all the students, who were truly engaged and interested in the activity from the word go, they involved the school and the entire town to participate in our charity market.”

Sandra Antequera

Sporting challenge

“I place a great deal of myself into every initiative I do, because I know how important it is to make it an unforgettable moment and to pass on this unstoppable spirit to many more people so that research into leukaemia can continue.”

Carlos Tezanos

Charity product

“Our charity T-shirt was much more successful than we expected. In addition to raising money, we received a great deal of affection and support from many people.”

Miren Urtaza

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