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Financial donation

If you would like to collaborate with the Josep Carreras Foundation at your wedding or charitable celebration, but you don’t want to give your guests a material gift, we offer you the possibility of doing so by means of a financial donation to the fight against leukaemia.

We’ll explain how it’s done!

Choose the amount you thought you would spend on the gift for your guests or whatever you think is fair through a donation. You can also donate a part of the money received as a wedding gift or ask your guests to make donations instead of giving gifts. There is no minimum donation amount!

We’ll send you a personalised card with your name and the date of the wedding or celebration in digital format. Then you can print it however you prefer and hand it out to your guests. The card explains that you have made a donation, as well as informing you of the projects we are working on at the Josep Carreras Foundation.

You are not the only one who can collaborate at your charitable celebration. Encourage your guests to show their support towards the fight against leukaemia, for example by creating a challenge on Migranodearena.

We’ll explain how it’s done!

For more information, please contact us at or call 93 414 41 47.

“We knew it from the very first moment. The look on my sister-in-law’s face, a leukaemia patient, when she saw the gifts and the tears brimming in her eyes, she knew we had chosen this gift for her. This was the best thing of all”.

Carmen and Rocío

“It was a wonderful day during which we addressed our guests and told them about the work the Foundation carries out. Several guests were truly touched, there were powerful emotions and even some tears.”

Ismael and Lorena

“We offered the orange bow tie as a gift to our guests. Most of our guests did not hesitate for a second to wear it, showcasing their solidarity towards us and in memory of my mother.”

Cristina and Daniel

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