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Unstoppable Testimonies

Our Unstoppables are our reason for being!

Testimonies of the struggle and overcoming of the adults and children who are Unstoppable against leukaemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma..


Donor testimonial

I would like to convey a message of hope and end the fear of all those people who shy away from donation because of their uncertainty. Donating bone marrow is not painful, nor is it harmful to the donor, you only need to invest a small part of your time, and in return you give health and life to the recipient. May lack of knowledge never hold us back from creating a fairer and better society.

Life becomes meaningful when we share it. We are here to serve and to give ourselves to others, being life and giving life as in this case. Living in community implies assuming a social responsibility towards other people.

I want to tell you that at this very moment there are patients waiting for a transplant, hovering between life and death, and there is a chance that the bone marrow they desperately need is within any of those people who have not yet found the courage to take the step and register as donors.

My name is Amanda, I am 25 years old and in December 2020 I was able to offer an anonymous person the chance to continue living.

It all started on 16 October 2020, when I received a message from REDMO informing me that a patient needed my bone marrow donation as a last resort to overcome the disease.

After contacting them, they booked me in for a blood test. As of that moment, they had to make sure that my state of health was optimal and that my bone marrow was compatible with the person who was going to receive it. Three weeks later, I was informed that I was the chosen donor, and three more tests were scheduled: an electrocardiogram, a chest x-ray and a second blood test.

That same day I had a medical appointment, where they explained every last detail of the entire procedure. The method chosen was apheresis, so I had to inject the haematopoietic growth factor twice a day for five days (it is a subcutaneous injection), in order to stimulate my bone marrow and get the stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream so that they could then be extracted.

On the day of the donation, I went to the hospital first thing in the morning, had a blood test to check that the growth factor had worked effectively, and then the donation process began. A few hours later I was out of the hospital.

As a donor, a nurse by vocation in a paediatric oncology unit and as a family member of a person who once required a transplant, I see it as my moral, civic and personal duty to do my bit to expand the donor network.

This will increase the chances of living, and there are few things more important than giving life. Donate bone marrow, SAVE A LIFE.

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