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Our history

The Bone Marrow Donor Registry (REDMO) was created by the Josep Carreras Foundation in 1991 with the aim of ensuring that all patients with leukaemia (or other blood diseases) in need of a bone marrow transplant in order to cure their disease and lacked a compatible family donor, could access a compatible donor through a bone marrow donation from a volunteer unrelated donor.

Over the years, peripheral blood and umbilical cord blood units that were cryopreserved in umbilical cord banks, were added to bone marrow, further facilitating access to this type of transplantation.

REDMO Creation

Until REDMO was created, Spanish patients were unable to access the donor registries that other developed countries had already created. Obviously, this posed a major limitation to the cure of a significant number of patients. The Foundation was able to establish collaboration mechanisms with donor registries in various European and North American countries, which enabled it to offer patients and medical teams the possibility to access the millions of donors who at that time had already given their consent to donate bone marrow in the event that a patient anywhere in the world needed it.

Integration into the public welfare network

The full development of REDMO was achieved in 1994, with its integration into the public healthcare network of the National Health System, by way of the signing of the first Framework Agreement between the Josep Carreras Foundation and the Ministry of Health, via the National Transplant Organisation (ONT).

This Agreement establishes that REDMO is responsible for managing the database of Spanish volunteer donors, the search for compatible donors for Spanish patients and coordinating the transport of bone marrow, peripheral blood or umbilical cord blood from the collection location to the transplant centre.

In addition, the Foundation has signed collaboration agreements with all the Autonomous Communities to guarantee coordination in the search for unrelated donors and the procurement and transport of the product.
The searches undertaken by REDMO are mainly financed by the public health system budgets, specifically the hospitals that request them.

Only programme authorised in Spain

The Bone Marrow Donor Registry (REDMO) is the only programme authorised in Spain to manage searches for unrelated blood stem cell donors for patients treated in Spanish centres, and the only donor registry authorised to manage blood stem cell collections from donors residing in our country. At current, the Foundation’s Bone Marrow Donor Registry has more than 470,000 typified bone marrow donors and 62,000 units of cord blood in storage.

REDMO is interconnected with the international registry network and can therefore access the volunteer donors and umbilical cord blood units available anywhere in the world.

REDMO is officially recognised as a tissue establishment in compliance with the requirements of the Framework Agreement and RDL 9-2014.

REDMO also follows the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) standards. You can read them HERE

REDMO has held the WDMA (World Marrow Donors Association) qualification since 2019, as it complies with all its quality standards (WMDA Qualification for adult volunteer donors and cord blood units based on compliance with all WMDA benchmark Standards) and it is currently undergoing the accreditation process.

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